PPC Campaigns

If you are looking to get traffic to your site sooner rather than later, you might be interested in Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Google / Facebook / other social platforms offer the opportunity to advertise on their site. Your website will be linked to whenever anyone searches for something relevant, or advertised on any web-page that has relevant content. You pay a small fee for each click on the link - it can be anything from a few pence to a few pounds per click, depending on how competitive the keyword / audience you are targetting is.

Google operates at its best across search, and it means you can get in front of people who are actively searching out e.g. 'Man Utd football tickets', which is incredible. Similarly, display advertising can be shown to customers who are on sites related to Man Utd, which might not be as targetted but are still useful for brand awareness.

Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms also offer a similar service and, with millions of daily users, this can be a very effective way of generating traffic to your site - especially because you are able to target your advert much more specifically - so it will be shown only to people who like the official Man Utd page, are Male, aged 30 - 45, based within 30 miles of Old Trafford, and with higher disposable income, etc.

We have managed PCC campaigns through Google Adwords and facebook, including one with a monthly budget of over £10,000, and can help you plan yours.

Whilst you are waiting to get high up in the organic search engine rankings, PPC might be the way forwards for quick sales..