Search Engine Optimisation

Once we've made your website as good as it possibly can be, it's time to start getting your website to the top of the tree.

Building Backlinks

How do we get you to the top? At the most basic level this is about links - the more links to your site, the more important Google will think you are, and the higher you will rank.

Of course, there are hundreds of other factors taken into account by the search engine algorithms, but this is the most important factor - without any links you would be at the bottom of the pile, and with links from all of the biggest sites you would be at the top. After over 10 years of optimising websites, we understand how the search algorithms work.


There are all sorts of agencies who will make all sorts of promises, and can get you quick results using automated backlink techniques. Unfortunately, Google are very well versed on all these techniques (also known as 'black hat techniques') so any ranking wins will be short-lived, and you may even end up being penalised for trying to game the system.

In contrast, we only use 'white hat' techniques, which are safe, can have fantastic results but require a lot of time and effort.

It's a time-consuming process - first you have to physically search and find the highly-relevant, high-authority sites with the right metrics to improve your search rankings, and then you have to contact them and hope that they want to work with you - the percentage that will get back to you means that you have to contact a LOT of sites to get anywhere.

Ideally you'll find something you can work together on (it's usually a pitch for some content that would be interesting for their audience), and once you've agreed the concept then you will need to write some killer content that will be liked and shared by their audience, and help bring them across to your own site. This means planning and then writing each piece, tailored to the specific audience you are trying to reach, and taking care to include the right number of authority links, images, videos, etc to help make the article resonate.

You need to do this for each any every backlink.

We'll do it for you!

Thankfully, we can help. Over the last 10+ years we have built up brilliant relationships with hundreds of webmasters in very specific sports, all of whom we know, have met (at the very least on Zoom) and have worked with successfully in the past.

We know what they will accept, what kind of sites they will work with, and their criteria when it comes to article length, etc, so we really can power up your sports outreach campaign faster than anyone else.