Website Consultancy

At iSport Media, we are experts in the internet. We know what works, and what doesn't. We know what customers or fans want to see, and what they don't. We read up on the latest internet standards simply because we think that it's fun!

If you were to engage us, this would be our staged plan to topping Google's organic search...

Stage 1 - Website 360

The first stage of any good Search Engine Optimisation campaign is a thorough review of the website - if your website doesn't have the right elements on the page, or is not operating to all the modern best practices, it will be very difficult to rank high in organic search.

We will undertake a comprehensive review of your website, encompassing all areas from page load times, AMP and usability analysis, to how it looks on the page (in all formats), and the impression it gives.

We will also ensure that the site is fully compliant with all the latest web standards, ensuring that your website can be viewed at its very best, and that it's as readable and indexable as possible. This includes reviewing the site structure and meta keywords, as well as W3C compliance, site-mapping, analysis of the internal link structure, HTML and XML coding, and url canonisation.

Stage 2 - Backlink Analysis

The second stage is a review of all the existing backlinks to your website - some of the links might actually be doing more harm than good and making your search ranking worse!

We'll analyse each and every one of your backlinks for any warning signs using our specialist software to ensure that they are from a 'good neighbourhood' and are helpful to your site.

We can then manage the links for you - requesting take-downs from sites that might not be helping, and then following up or disavowing them via Google's Webmaster Tools.

Stage 3 - Website Content

If there are any areas that we have identified as falling short, we'll look to help you rectify them ahead of any link-building campaign.

One key area where many sites let themselves down is with their content. All of your website visitors love to see well-written, relevant articles that give an insight into your industry or a new perspective, and Google loves them too as it shows them that you are knowledgeable about the industry you are in, and willing to pass on what you've learnt.

We recommend adding fresh content on a regular basis - having great content can really power-up your SEO and brand building campaign, and also helps to keep your fans / followers engaged on social platforms. It's an easy way to generate interest (and traffic) to your website, and links from social platform shares will also help boost your search engine ranking.

If you don't have time to sit down and write, we can do it for you - we have an in-house team of content writers, are able to piece together fresh, original content for your website (and any other standalone blogs you might be running) on everything from the latest football kits, to how to change a bike pedal, or who we think will win the Masters or even the latest inner workings of the UFC Championships.

And yes, we can also manage content on your facebook and twitter pages too.

Stage 4 - Off-Page Optimisation

Once we've got your website operating to it's full potential, it's time to get start the off-page SEO campaign.